This 30-minute training video walks leaders through an hour of a Konnect experience. To complete the training event, you would do four live pieces along with the video. Before you start the video, talk about your vision for why you are choosing to do children’s ministry this way. Communicate the why to your leader team clearly so they will understand where the changes are coming from. Then there are two breaks during the video. During the first break, you’ll have leaders do the activity sheet and talk about how Konnect is designed to help kids connect all the dots between the things they are learning at church and how that affects their real life. During the second break, you’ll want to talk about how you do worship. The video talks through how we do it at so you may want to skip a bit of the video content here if it confuses how you do worship at your church. At the end you’ll talk about how you will dismiss. The curriculum is designed to either announce the dot winner and dismiss after small groups OR announce the dots winner first and then remain in small groups throughout parent pick up.

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