Browse stock photos and imagery for Christmas, and use them to create announcements, graphics, or other holiday assets. 


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  • Candle (JPG)

  • Candles and Chairs (JPG)

  • Candy Cane Treats (JPG)

  • Car Spills Christmas Tree (JPG)

  • Child and Snacks (JPG)

  • Child with Christmas Sign (JPG)

  • Christmas Presents (JPG)

  • Edison Bulbs (JPG)

  • Guests Laughing (JPG)

  • Hands (JPG)

  • Hot Cocoa (JPG)

  • Hot Cocoa Sign (JPG)

  • Jesus Sign (JPG)

  • Lantern (JPG)

  • Lights and Candle (JPG)

  • Mantle with Tree (JPG)

  • Merry Christmas (JPG)

  • Phone and Trees (JPG)

  • Photo Op with Trees (JPG)

  • Snacks in Lobby (JPG)

  • Stuffed Suitcase (JPG)

  • Trees with Invite Card (JPG)

  • Twinkle Lights (JPG)

  • Wheelchair and Hosting (JPG)

  • Woman with Baby (JPG)

  • Wood Christmas Trees (JPG)