Lessons from the Boardroom

ECFA brings us lessons from the boardroom to help you be proactive about the direction of your church and ministry, as well as avoid any pitfalls along the way. These lessons are designed to help you keep your board healthy and focused on the big issues and to help you grow your ministry with focus and purpose.  

Special thanks to our partner, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), for providing this resource. 


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  • 7 Ways to Avoid a Financial Train Wreck (PDF)

  • A Board Prayer (PDF)

  • Address Absentee Board Member Syndrome (PDF)

  • Alert! The ER Factor Causes Value Extraction (PDF)

  • Apply for a Staff Position (PDF)

  • Ask the Gold Standard Question (PDF)

  • Asleep at the Wheel (PDF)

  • Back Off the Ledge of Dysfunctional Mayhem (PDF)

  • Before the Board Meeting (PDF)

  • Be Intentional About Your First 30 Minutes (PDF)

  • Big Rocks, Pebbles and Sand (PDF)

  • Break Bread, Not Relationships (PDF)

  • Caution! Understand the Governance Pendulum Principle (PDF)

  • Common Misconceptions of Board Members (PDF)

  • Defending Risks Everywhere is Not a Strategic Plan (PDF)

  • Do Not Interrupt (PDF)

  • Don't Be Late or Annoying (PDF)

  • Don't Stretch Credulity (PDF)

  • Do Unwritten Board Policies Really Exist? (PDF)

  • Eliminate Fuzziness Between Board and Staff Roles (PDF)

  • Enhance Harmony by Clarifying Your Participant Hat Expectations (PDF)

  • Good is the Enemy of Great (PDF)

  • Guarding Your Pastor's Soul (PDF)

  • How Healthy is Your Board? (PDF)

  • How Many Board Members are Present? (PDF)

  • Is Your Board Color-Blind to Hazardous Condition Signs? (PDF)

  • Keeping the Boardroom Afloat (PDF)

  • Leverage the 80/20 Rule (PDF)

  • Listen to the Wisdom of Many Counselors (PDF)

  • Looking for Consensus but Finding Division (PDF)

  • Loose Lips Sink the Boardroom Ship (PDF)

  • Never Throw Red Meat on the Board Table (PDF)

  • Pastor Pay (PDF)

  • Prioritize Prayer Over Problems (PDF)

  • Tap! Tap! Tap! (PDF)

  • The Bully in the Church Boardroom (PDF)

  • Thrive with Four Kingdom Values (PDF)

  • Wanted: Lifelong Learners (PDF)

  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (PDF)

  • Where Two or Three are Gathered on Social Media (PDF)

  • You Made Me Better Than I Was (PDF)