Goal-Setting and Develop.Me

When we think of goals, we usually think about where we'll end. We envision ourselves crossing the finishing line at the marathon, walking across the stage at graduation, or reaping the benefits of a completed project. But the real work of reaching a goal starts at the beginning—when you create the goal.

Part of the annual Develop.Me performance review process involves goal-setting for the next year. It’s this cycle of continuous development that helps team members increase their potential.

Because great goals don't happen by accident, we’ve created goal-setting guides to help your church staff set specific, achievable goals and implement strategies to accomplish them.

What we've learned:

Accomplishing any goal requires a game plan. Focus on setting the right goals and implementing a clearly-defined strategy to ensure growth and achievement. Whether your team’s goals are training-oriented, relationship-oriented, or project-oriented, you should set goals that will yield tangible, attainable results.

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