How to Neighbor

Jesus called us to love our neighbors—people who are lonely or poor, people from different races, and children without homes. We believe when the Church works together we can truly change our cities, countries, and the world. Join us for this four-week event that will teach us to love like Jesus.

Series & Groups


  • 39 Speakers on One Weekend


    Several times a year, Life.Church pastors and leaders 'team teach' with Pastor Craig. Team teaching allows you to take the baton from Pastor Craig and preach your own portion of the message. On Open, we provide flexibility for you to participate in team-teach or not. To participate, use...Read more

  • How to Neighbor: CarePortal


    At Life.Church, we believe the local church is the hope of the world. That’s because the church isn’t just a building. The “capital C” Church is all about showing Christ’s love through its people. Scripture specifically calls us to care for orphans and widows (James 1:27). We looked closely...Read more

  • Behind the Message: How to Neighbor


    How to Neighbor is more than a message series. It's a chance to start a movement in your community.  Here at Life.Church, we believe this series can really impact communities around the world, so we created some extra initiatives and resources to help attenders really di...Read more

  • How to Neighbor: Partner with Local Missions


    At Life.Church, we’re passionate about being the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us. Our message series  How to Neighbor shows us just how to do that by reaching out to the lonely, those who are different than us, the orphans, and the poor.  One of the best ways "neighbo...Read more