Growing Further and Faster Together

Network Churches partner with Life.Church and each other in mission, content, and relationship to reach people for Christ throughout their communities.

A Network Church is...

  • Committed to Evangelism

    Reach those in your community who are far from church and far from Christ.

  • Unified in Content

    Equip your church with biblically-based primary teaching from Life.Church.

  • Completely Autonomous

    Maintain governance and decision-making for your church and ministries.

  • Always Developing

    Invest in the growth of your leaders and church through Network resources, tools, and training.

  • Built on Relationships

    Share ideas, experiences, and encouragement throughout the Network Churches family.

  • 100% Free

    Because we truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive, being part of the Network is 100% free.


Being part of Network Churches allows us to build relationships, invest in our staff, and inspire our church to do whatever it takes to reach one more person for Christ.

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