Why obey? It’s about more than just staying out of trouble. The Konnect crew is finding out how obeying is good for you, good for others, and good for God!

This series shows obedience isn’t just behavior modification and pleasing others. It’s about showing that you’re God’s child, and you live for Him. It doesn’t matter if someone’s watching, or even if anyone will ever find out. Obedience builds a character of integrity. You can build and show trust in God and the leadership He has placed in your life by obeying, even when the directions, expectations, or situations don’t make any sense. Your choice to obey or disobey not only impacts you, but all the people around you, whether positively or negatively. Living a life of consistent obedience brings blessing and shows the level of leadership and responsibility you can be trusted to handle in leading others to live for Christ.