The Puzzle
Three students are about to take the final of a lifetime. This will be unlike any test they’ve ever taken before. Don’t miss what valuable lessons they’ll learn in this series, The Puzzle. Description Talking about the topic of purity and temptation can be extremely tough and delicate for this age group.

In this series, The Puzzle, Mrs. Waver takes thee students through a very peculiar final exam to help them learn some of these very valuable lessons. In the first week’s episode, Mrs. Weaver leave the answers to her exam puzzle in the room with the students to see if they are able to overcome the temptation to cheat. What they don’t realize is they are the wrong answers. They will only get the right answers by following the rules and not falling into temptation.

In the second week of The Puzzle, the students walk in to find their testing room an absolute mess. In order to complete this part of the puzzling exam, they must first clean up the mess. Through this, they will learn what purity is all about.

In the third week, all they had to do was wait for Mrs. Weaver to give them the answer, but they couldn’t do it. Because of their unwillingness to wait, they failed the final exam puzzle. Good things come to those who wait. Good thing Mrs. Weaver gives them a second chance in the redemption round.

In the fourth and final week of The Puzzle, the students will have to learn to forgive and forget and work together to complete the last test and ultimately pass the final exam.