Make the Switch - Switch
Make the Switch - Switch

In this series, we’ll talk about what it looks like to be a person who lives their life with good character. If you want to become someone great, you don’t want to miss what it takes to be a person of character. The question is: will you Make the Switch?

Life is full of choices, and the choices we make are determined by the type of character we have. In a sense, our character is what will help determine our future outcomes.

In the first week, we’ll talk about clothing and style. Every day we choose what we’re going to put on, well, because nudity’s illegal. But, our style tells others about who we are. Similarly, we need to choose to put on the character of God and let people see that by the way we live our lives.

In week two of Make the Switch, we’ll talk about habits. The things we do over and over are the things we become. In order to become a person of good character, we have to develop good habits that will lead us there.

In the third week, we’ll look at fruit. Yeah that’s right, you read that correctly, fruit. The seed on the inside produces the fruit on the outside. The same is true for us. What’s on the inside will eventually make its way out. When we are in Christ, we produce the fruit He intended us to.