This four-week series helps kids understand their purpose and identity in Christ. Find all the videos, guides, and assets below for free. 

In the first week of Erased, “Subject One” claims he’s a Christian. He believes in God, but he tries to hide it because he doesn’t think he’ll be able to fit in because of it. In this episode, he quickly learned that his identity is totally in God. If he gives that up, then there’s nothing really left of him.

In week two, we watch as “Subject Two” struggles with her identity. She puts a bunch of pictures of herself online only to find that everyone makes fun of her style. She begins to take those comments to heart and it twists her view of herself. She starts to believe what others are saying about her.

In the third week, Marcus, or “Subject Three,” defines himself by how well he plays basketball. That’s his thing—what he’s good at, who he is. But he learns that he isn’t defined by what he does, but rather by what God calls him to.

In the fourth and final week of Erased, all the subjects come together and get out of the experiment with their identities intact. For the very first time, they all put their identities in who God made them to be. But they also realize something very valuable in this episode: who we are also involves others. They need each other! They're stronger and better together.