Closer - Switch

We’ve all been there: distant, drifting, disconnected from God, moving away from Him instead of moving toward Him. We get distracted by so many different things that fight for our attention. But we can choose to return to God and get to know Him better. We have the choice to either stay disconnected from Him or to draw closer.

We’ll look at eight different spiritual disciplines that will help us do just that—help us be Closer.

For week one, we’ll talk about the spiritual disciplines of prayer, reverence, and Scripture reading. We’ll talk about what those are, how to engage in them, and how they can apply to our everyday lives.

During the second week of Closer, we’ll look at the spiritual disciplines of silence/solitude, fasting, meditation, and service. We’ll help students identify what spiritual disciplines they want to focus on first to start to get closer with God.

The third week will be a night of worship. Not only will we talk about what worship is all about, but we’ll also dedicate this night to engaging in authentic worship to God and celebrate who He is and what He’s done in our lives.

The format of this series is different than our other series. Here’s how it will work.

Students should begin this experience by gathering into circles or small groups.

A 3-5 minute video will play, and the person on the screen will then lead right into small group discussions. Your small group leaders will take it from that transition right into their discussions. After the video segment, there will be a maximum of 10 minutes for groups to talk about the questions that pertain to that particular video segment.


After each small group discussion time ends, an audio/video transition alerts small group leaders to the next video segment. Once that segment is over, it will go back to small group discussion for a maximum of 10 minutes.