Replay - Switch
Replay - Switch

Where we've been helps determine where we're going. Where is your life heading? 

"Replay" is a one-week message that includes a live speak segment. Live speak means that there's an opportunity for a speaker to teach part of the message and play the coordinating video. There is a bumper video to transition you into your live speak.

At Life.Church, we've used the following order for this message: 

• First, the worship band does one warm-up song to set up the live speak.

• Next comes the live speak (not longer than 15 minutes).

• Then, have the worship band come back up as you explain the experience (see “Experiential Options” doc)

• Then let students go through the stations while the worship band plays (as time allows).

• Finally, bring everyone back together to sing one or two more worship songs together.