Hacked - Switch
You don’t want students to just make a wise choice, you want them to learn how to make godly choices.

In this cinematic story, Charlie finds himself on an epic journey in search of a missing person after he gets hacked by an underground group. The choices he’ll make on this journey will change his life forever.

Through this four-week series Hacked, students will learn how to make wise choices, what the five main areas of life are, how their choices affect others, and how their choices today determine who they become tomorrow.

Follow the video narrative with a message wrap-up. In your wrap-up, the goal will be to bridge the gap from the narrative to the practical and spiritual application for the students’ lives. Unpack everything that happened in the video to help illustrate the practical and spiritual takeaways.

As you do your wrap up, make sure to maintain the following:

1.         The main point of the message

2.         The Scripture

3.         The take away point/action step

 There is a YouVersion Bible Plan students will love that’s associated with the series. It’s called Making Wise Choices.