The Bee Squad - Switch

A group of childhood friends known as The Bee Squad is reunited after they’re denied access to their high school prom. They try to sneak in, but find themselves in situations that raise some strong emotions. 

This four-part series tackles emotions, which grow deeper and more serious as teens grow older. For this series, make sure your leaders are trained to handle students who share serious topics. Walk them through the steps they need to take if a student communicates harm to themselves or harm to others. Pay particular attention to Week 3 as students are asked to share what they’re dealing with.

This is a short film format that will be followed up by you giving a message wrap-up. In your wrap-up, the goal will be to bridge the gap from the short film to the practical and spiritual application for the students’ lives. Unpack everything that happened in the video to help illustrate the practical and spiritual takeaways.

As you do your wrap up, make sure to maintain the following from the scripts:

1. The essence of the message

2. The main point

3. The Scripture

4. The take away point/action step

The YouVersion Bible Plan that coordinates with this series is called How to Be Happy.