The Dark Side - Switch

There’s a realm out there that we can’t see, but this realm is very real—angels versus demons, good versus evil. A place where sin and virtue collide. This is the supernatural world. We’ll look at three different stories where Jesus faced off against The Dark Side.

While these stories are very compelling due to their supernatural content, they also offer very practical applications for students’ everyday lives.

In the first week, we’ll look at “The Fight for Daniel’s Prayer” where a force of darkness blocks God’s response to Daniel’s prayer. God sends an angel to combat that dark force to deliver Daniel’s answer 21 days later. We want students to understand how powerful their prayers really are, and we want to encourage them to pray about everything in their lives.

In the second week, we’ll hear the story of when Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert in ways that we all face today. Every single time, Jesus was able to stand against the temptation. We want students to understand that life will bring temptation and trials, and they need to be spiritually prepared for them. If they’re prepared, they have a better chance not to fall into those temptations and stand strong through the trials.

In the third and final week, we’ll look at a very interesting story where Jesus confronted a demon possessed man. The man was no longer in control of his own body, and Jesus eventually freed him from the demons. The thing we want students to walk away with is an understanding that there are things we don’t have control of or things that control us. Students need to know that God is in control, and Jesus can free them from whatever that is for them.

There is a YouVersion Bible Plan students will love that’s associated with the series. It’s called The Supernatural.

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