Gone Fishing - Switch

As Christians, it’s important to be passionate about reaching out to our friends. But what does it look like to be available for God to use us? How do we open our eyes and be intentional? In this series, Gone Fishing, we’re going to discover what it looks like to be a Christian in our everyday lives.

This three-part series is from guest speaker Rich Wilkerson Jr.—who's lived an interesting life as a pastor. He’s pastored Justin Bieber and he has his own reality TV show. You could say that he’s doing things no one is doing to reach people no one is reaching. That’s why he’s the perfect person to talk about reaching the lost.

In the first week, Rich will be talking about being obedient to God calling us to go and reach others. Our job is to be obedient to God; His job is outcome. He isn’t looking for ability; he’s looking for availability. We are going to challenge students to make themselves available to God and step into where He’s calling them.

The second week is about seeing the need and being intentional about doing something about it. We will ask students to be thinking about how passionate they are about reaching the lost. As Christians, it’s our responsibility to go and do something about that.

In the third week, we’re challenging students to share their faith. It can be intimidating for students, but we want them to feel encouraged and empowered to go out and reach people around them—even when it seems uncomfortable or difficult.

The YouVersion Bible Plan associated with this series is called "Switch: How to share your faith."