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What do you value most in life? Chances are that’s where most of your time, thoughts, energy, and affection goes. We all worship something, but not every 'something' should be worshiped. We’ll look at what it really means to worship God and how that worship goes far beyond just singing songs. 

This series includes both a live speaking part and then a shorter ten-minute message video to be shown after the live speaking. 

Description and Notes

Worship is so much more than singing songs to God. It’s all about responding to who He is and what He’s done for us. Worship is about knowing God is worthy and making Him the most important thing in our lives. 

The first week, students identify what they’re worshiping in their lives and figure out how to make God the most important thing they live for.

In the second week, students discover what it looks like to worship God in their everyday lives and practically worship Him in everything they do.

The format of the videos is a documentary style where we get to hear stories of a few worship pastors. The stories they tell in the documentary will lead us to the teaching. Youth pastors or teachers then do a live speaking portion to teach students about what they just watched. So, make sure you are prepared for doing a message. Your message should be around 10-12 minutes long. Live speak scripts are included with all the resources for this series.

The YouVersion Bible Plan associated with this series is called Everyday Worship

Find all the videos, guides, and live speaker notes below so you can do this series in your high school ministry.