God Is My Dad - Konnect HQ

Some kids know their dad. Some don’t. But we can all know the best Dad—God, our heavenly Father!

God our Father is the one who is:

· Daddy to us all, creating us in His image and meeting our needs through the wonder of His creations.

· Loving, never turning His back on us, but waiting patiently for us to reach out to Him and experience His blessing, forgiveness, and validation as worthy sons and daughters of God.

· Honest and faithful, even when we are not, holding to every promise He has written in our heart and in His Word.

· Transformative, giving us salvation in Christ, the Holy Bible, the Holy Spirit, and communion with Him as tools to save us from sin-nature into reflections of His glory.

Children will learn these truths to combat any false perceptions they may have of fatherhood because of what they have experienced in their family relationships. They will have the opportunity to see if they have opened their hearts, their minds, and their lives to the redemptive power of Christ and the Holy spirit in order to identify as and be known as the sons and daughters of God.