How to Be Generous - Konnect HQ

Generosity is more than giving gifts and money. Generosity starts in the heart!

In this four-part series, kids will learn that generosity isn’t just for adults. Through recognizing our blessings, being grateful, and looking for ways to give and share with others, we can all be generous. After all, God set the best example by giving the most generous gift ever: His Son, Jesus.

Worship songs Joy, Hark, and With Us are original songs by Life.Church Worship.

Pre-Experience Music: Joy (Life.Church Worship), Echo (eKidz), Hark! (Life.Church Worship), Jesus Is Alive Right Now (Kids on the Move), Heartbeat (Life.Church Worship), Shine a Light (Kids on the Move), Lifeline (Life.Church Worship), It’s Christmastime (Kids on the Move) 

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