The Sex Series - YTH

With Sex Series, take a strong mentoring and guiding approach with your students. Don’t scold them or simply tell them that impurity is wrong, but teach them how to think concerning sex, dating, and relationships in their life.

The first and second night in this series are straight perspective and guidance as a time to open up to the students about past and present relationships as couples. The win is to set an example of what a healthy relationship is and the keys are exhortation and encouragement. For the final night of the series, present a panel of leaders that answer questions from students regarding dating, relationships, sex, and purity. What will matter to the students is how the leaders answer the questions and show how to arrive at Biblical conclusions. The win is to transform the way students think with the Word of God.

Find the bumper video, sermon abstracts and graphics below.

Special thanks to River Valley Network for providing this resource.