Love in Motion - Loop Show
Love in Motion - Loop Show

What good is it if we say we love others, but don’t show it? Not much good at all. Easter, the demonstration of the ultimate sacrifice and real love, approaches this month, so this message series is designed to show students what love looks like in everyday life. Love is an action. It’s not invisible.

Challenge students to think about putting others first and to put on kindness so that everyone who sees them will see kindness! Then dive into the importance and the power of love in action in the form of forgiveness. Easter week falls at the end of the series, so there’s an opportunity to discuss love in the form of serving others. The win is for students to learn that they can be the first ones to ask, “How can I help?” That’s real love in motion!

In this series you'll find a materials list, training videos, and guides.

Leader Resources:

• The Bible Plan for this series is called Selfless: Living an Others-First Kind of Life

• Check out The Loop Show on YouTube—you don’t ever need to miss a week!