Big Church - Loop Show
Big Church - Loop Show

Throughout the Big Church series, we’ll tackle what it really means to be the Body of Christ—the Church. In Week 1, we’ll answer questions our students may have about church in general. The next week, we’ll talk about how each of us can contribute to the work of the church by serving! Week 3, will dive into why we’re not meant to be a lone wolf, but instead are asked by God Himself to meet together. It’s what we do—when church matters, we gather there! In the fourth and final week of the series, we’ll discuss the future of church and talk about how when church matters, we share it. We who trust and follow Jesus are the Church. And it’s our mission to be the Church, share the Church, and help God’s Church to grow! 

Heads up! 

Week 1 has a fun activity where the students will make an origami paper figure you might have heard of called a “fortune teller” or “cootie catcher.” There are instructions with pictures right on the activity sheet for students to follow. You might like to familiarize yourself with the basics before you get there just in case they need help!  

Leader Resources

• The Bible Plan for this series is called: Is Church Important? Students can ask their parents to let them use their Bible App if your students don’t have phones themselves, and they can also complete it online at
• Check out The Loop Show on YouTube—you don’t ever need to miss a week!