Grander Vision Video Series
Grander Vision Video Series
Every year, the Global Leadership Summit not only equips leaders, it inspires them. These videos will inspire you—or your church—to believe that it is possible to change your community and your world.
It starts with a seed and that takes root in your soul and grows into an insatiable and undeniable desire to connect with God’s vision for your one and only life. A Grander Vision is your role to play in God’s Kingdom. But even more, it sends you on an inspiring, unpredictable, vibrant and soul-satisfying journey.  Are you going to throw your one and only life into pursuing a lesser vision? Or are you willing to dive headfirst into pursuing the Grander Vision God has just for you?

Uses in a Church Service:

  • Discover your calling/passion/vocation
  • Using your gifts for God’s bigger purpose
  • Living your faith in the workplace
  • Pursuing a calling to the poor or dis-enfranchised