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Partner: Feed

Biblical literacy is at an all-time low among teens. If you're looking for ways to engage your youth in open conversations, these downloadable PDFs offer biblically sound answers to common questions that teens have about the Bible. Created in partnership with Oaks Youth, these lessons are conversationally based and relationally driven, The Catechism will help you spark meaningful discussions in your student ministry.

This four-lesson small group series introduces us to the Word of God and explores creation, humanity and the concept of sin.

Lesson Overview:

Lesson 1: What is the Word of God?
Lesson 2: How did God create all things?
Lesson 3: How did God create humanity?
Lesson 4: What is sin?

Oaks Youth is a ministry of The Oaks Church in Red Oak, TX. The Oaks believes in growing generations that transforms communities. Feed is an initiative of OneHope, a ministry that exists to get God’s Word to Every Child.