Peer Relationships - Konnect HQ

Friendships, peer relationships matter, and family relationships matter! They’re influential, so you’ve got to think about who you hang out with, how you respond to people, and who you can reach out to when you need extra support. During this series, elementary students will learn to base friendships and relationships on a godly foundation so that they can love everyone, stand out as a good friend, and find friends who will encourage them to live like Jesus. Be a peaceful influence in their family, even if things aren’t going great, and reach out to trusted adults when they need help.

Kids’ worship songs Who You Are, My Life His Story, Jesus Is Alive Right Now, Journey of a Lifetime, I Am Yours, and Who I Wanna Be made available by Kids On the Move, the children’s ministry of Church on the Move.

Kids’ worship songs One in a Million and Hey Me made available by eKidz, the children’s ministry of Elevation Church.

Pre-Experience Music: Higher and Higher (Life.Church), I Live By Faith (Kids on the Move), Heartbeat (Life.Church), For Your Glory (eKidz), Like A Fire (Life.Church), Who You Are (Kids on the Move), Obsession (Life.Church Worship), Light Up The Darkness (Life.Church), Hey Me (eKidz), Undefeated (eKidz), Symphony (Life.Church)