LifeGroups Box Resources

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to onboard and train your adult small group leaders? We had the same question. We wanted there to be a comprehensive resource that gives leaders everything they need to feel confident to lead without feeling overwhelmed. Thus, the new small group leader box was born! We created a fun box modeled after subscription services that give a leader everything they need to disciple their group, answer their questions, and have a little fun on their first interaction.

 What’s in the box? It depends on what you’d like to offer! We’ve provided a new leader onboarding booklet, invite cards, content cards, FAQs, links to resources, and more! In this section, you’ll find all of those resources, and you can adapt them to fit the needs of your ministry.

You’ll just need to order some boxes to put together all of the resources, and then you’ll have a fun, engaging new onboarding experience for new leaders.