Unity - Switch
Unity - Switch

In some ways, our world today is more divided than ever before. Opposing sides arise in political, social, ethical, and religious issues. Are you for this candidate or that one? Do you support this social justice movement or that one? Our divided world needs a united Church. Why? Because the Church exists to show the world a better way. We are supposed to be the picture of heaven to our broken world.

Week 1: Fighting for Unity in a Divided World

Week 2: Line-Crossing Love

Week 3: Talking Politics

Week 4: Built Different, Part 1

Week 5: Built Different, Part 2

In week one, youth pastors will be live teaching about unity and how we, as disciples of Jesus, are called to respond to a divided world. We need to be people who keep the main thing the main thing; choose both/and, not either/or; and love others the way Jesus has loved us.

Week two homes in on loving like Jesus by examining the famous parable of the Good Samaritan. We understand that real love takes action, crosses lines, and goes the extra mile.    

During week three we’re tuning in to a conversation among some of our Switch students on the ever-divisive topic of politics. How do we navigate the tricky and treacherous waters of our current political climate? How do we do this as Christ-followers? We address these questions in a thoughtful conversation with real students.

For week four we’re using 1 Peter 2 as our North Star. In this chapter, Peter lays out what it looks like to live as a person submitted to God’s authority—as a “Kingdom Person.” And kingdom people are built different. We are the people who choose what is good for others over what’s good for us, who choose to see people the way God sees over the way the world sees, and who chooses the difficult “right” over the easy “wrong.”

Finally, we wrap up week five with Built Different, Part 2! We are continuing to realize that when we know who we are, we will know what to do. We are kingdom people, so we pray for everyone, follow Jesus, and share our story. This is how we can bring God glory at this moment in history!