In God We Trust
In God We Trust
Speaker: : Craig Groeschel
Pandemics. Politics. Social Unrest.

There’s no denying we’re in a season of conflict and chaos—but the noise in your news feed doesn’t have to pollute your soul. You can find peace. You can find hope. You can trust in the One who holds the future in His hands.

In 2020, our world was already complicated. Add a global pandemic, social unrest, and a contentious election to the mix, and people are more overwhelmed than ever before. We’re stressed. Worried. Divided. Many of our relationships have reached the breaking point over politics or even seemingly simple things like masks. During this season of relentless chaos, and conflict, who can we believe? What do we know is actually true? Where do we put our trust?

At a moment when discord in the country is reaching a fever pitch, this series will cut through the noise and give us a lifeline of hope. Each week we will be reminded where our hope truly lies, and be given tools to heal our anxiety, restore relationships, and be a light in a dark and challenging time.

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