Truth - Konnect HQ

People have a lot of ideas and opinions, but what’s the real truth? Let’s find out how God can lead us to it.

Not everything we see or hear is true, but we can investigate, learn, and dig into the facts to test what is true. Our journey to learn and follow spiritual truth goes hand in hand with our walk with Jesus: He is the way, the truth, and the life. So how can we uncover what spiritual truth is or the truth about who God made us to be? How can we choose to be loving and respectful towards people who disagree with us or put us in the middle of their conflicts? We can trust Jesus to show us what really matters, what is true, what is good, what is loving, and what to do when we pray, learn from His word, and have conversations with others who are close to Him. Each step toward Jesus is a step toward truth.

Kids’ worship songs Standing, Your Love Is, I Believe, Jesus What a Friend, Already Won, Undefeated, and Get to Give are made available by eKids from Elevation Church. Kids’ worship songs Jesus Is Alive Right Now, and Who You Are are made available by Kids on the Move from Church on the Move.

Pre-Experience Music: Higher and Higher (Life.Church), I Live By Faith (Kids on the Move), Heartbeat (Life.Church), For Your Glory (eKidz), Like A Fire (Life.Church), Who You Are (Kids on the Move), Obsession (Life.Church Worship), Light Up The Darkness (Life.Church), Hey Me (eKidz), Undefeated (eKidz), Symphony (Life.Church)

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