Hope and Power - Switch
Hope and Power - Switch

The central message of Christianity has always been called Good News because we have a King who disarmed the powers of sin and death, and gave us a living hope. And the Church—the people of God living out the will of God—has been called to bring that hope to others. Let’s reclaim the power of hope together as we close out an unforgettable year of Switch.

Week 1: Hope and Power (Student Team Teach) 

Week 2: Suffering Hopefully 

Week 3: The Power of Hope

In week one, we will cheer on our students as they team-teach a message about the hope they have in Christ, and how they are using it for the good of others. Youth pastors will select between one and three of their students to teach a portion of this message, and will serve as the emcee before and after each student speaker. This will be a powerful opportunity for students to hear from their peers about the hope and power we have from God. 

Week two is going to confront the tension so many Christians have felt between the promises of our loving God and the reality of suffering in our world. Is it possible to suffer hopefully? We are going to look at the story of Job and the person of Jesus to help us navigate this question. Even when life feels hopeless, we can stay centered on the hope of Jesus. This message will include a ten-minute discussion time in the middle for small groups to wrestle with this question before the speaker wraps up the conversation. 

During week three, youth pastors will send their students into the summer with a strong reminder of the powerful hope we have from God. As followers of Jesus, we have hope and power from God that is for the world. So, as we close out this semester of Switch, we want our students to make the most of their time in the summer by staying engaged in community, being rooted in Scripture, and being committed to using their gifts for the good of others.