The Bible: Fake News or Good News? - Switch
The Bible: Fake News or Good News? - Switch

The Bible is the most widely sold and stolen book in the history of the world. Some people see it as a collection of outdated and irrelevant stories, while others see it as inspired and holy. Regardless, there’s no denying the influence the Bible has had on human history. Throughout this series, we are going to think deeply about what the Bible is, how it’s meant to be used, and whether or not it’s even worth believing. Join us as we discover whether or not the story the Bible offers is fake news or good news.

Week 1: What Is the Bible?

Week 2: What Makes the Bible Special?

Week 3: What About The Weird Stuff?

Week 4: What Do We Do With The Bible?

In week one, we are going to start by looking at what the Bible really is. It’s not a textbook with the answers to all of our questions, a rulebook with all the rules to life, or a book of inspiring quotes meant to make us feel glad when we’re feeling sad. The Bible is a story that leads to Jesus and invites us to become like Jesus. But it’s not just any story—it’s the story that tells the truth about God, us, and the world. It’s a story with the power to change us from the inside out.

Week two is going to look at the beautiful joining together of heaven and earth that makes the Bible so special, and the story it’s telling so profound. The Bible is a story written by people and inspired by God, that leads to Jesus and invites us to become like Jesus. That joining together of heaven and earth is one of the dominant themes and it gives us the perspective we need to understand the Bible wisely.

During week three, we will be responding to common questions people have about the Bible—the weird things, the confusing things, and the challenging things. We will use each question to introduce one of the four principles we believe are essential to understanding the Bible wisely as disciples of Jesus.

For week four, our youth pastors will teach by giving a live speak message using the principles introduced in week three. They’ll teach through a passage of Scripture to show our students how to apply the truths of this series to their own study of the Bible.