By Faith - Switch
By Faith - Switch

Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. But what is faith? How do we know if we have it? In this series, we will discover that faith is so much more than wishful thinking or blind hope. Faith is trust based on evidence, that leads to obedience. The biblical authors got their understanding of faith not from a dictionary definition or a really good sermon, but from the examples of men and women who had experienced God, placed their trust in Him, and chose to obey Him. These are the people who did amazing things for God because they trusted God’s character more than their circumstances. 

Week 1: Do We Have the Right Story? (Live Speak)

Week 2: Do We Know the Author? 

Week 3: Switchgiving (Recorded For Switch Online Only) 

Note: The Week 3 message was originally recorded for Switch Online. Students can watch the service from their homes or meet together to watch it in groups. Switch Guides are not available for Switch Online messages. 

Week 4: What About When ...? 

Week 5: How Do I See Myself in the Story? (Student Team Teach)

Week 6: Worship Night  

In week one, we discover that the story we are invited to trust has a good beginning. It’s a story that is so much better than any story the world is telling us. We’ll learn about practicing Sabbath, and how it’s our weekly reminder that our value doesn’t come from what we do, but from the God who made us. 

Week two continues the conversation on faith by reminding us that not only is there a story we get to trust in, but there’s an Author we can know. The examples of faith we find throughout the biblical story are of people who experienced God, placed their trust in Him, and chose to obey Him. There’s a notable difference in our lives when we have met with God, and He is faithful to fill the space we make. 

In week three, we celebrate Switchgiving! The purpose is to highlight how God is moving in and around us, and inviting each of us to play our part in His story. The life of Jesus is a life of self-giving love. So for us, being led by Jesus means leading the way with irrational generosity. 

During week four, we wrestle through the “What about when …?” moments. When it’s hard to continue to trust God, how do we stay faithful? Developing endurance comes from looking at Jesus, who shows us where our story is headed and invites us to take up our cross and follow Him. 

For week five, students team-teach a message about how they have learned to see themselves in God’s story and play their part in it. This is a story of a God who moves toward the least, the last, and the lost, and playing our part looks like following Jesus toward the least expected. 

Finally, in week six, we are going to close out the semester with a worship night, remembering who our God is, the story we get to be a part of, and the Good News we carry wherever we go.