Doubts, Deconstruction, and Discipleship - Switch
Doubts, Deconstruction, and Discipleship - Switch

Does it make sense to be a Christian? Like does it actually make sense? In the era of deconstruction, how can we still be confident in the truth of Christianity? That’s what this mini-series is all about. Exploring how we can process our doubts and navigate deconstruction in a way that aids in our discipleship and a few of the key reasons nothing makes more sense than following Jesus.

Week 1: Doubt, Deconstruction, and Discipleship. 

Week 2: Why should I be a Christian? 

In week one, we are making a case for the vital role that doubt and deconstruction play in discipleship, this beautiful process of becoming like Jesus for the sake of others. 

Week two is going to look at three big reasons it makes sense to be a follower of Jesus and respond to some of the common objections people present to those reasons in our modern world.