How To Read the Bible - Switch
How To Read the Bible - Switch

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word for us and that applying it to our lives is a complete game-changer. The Bible is the Story of God and the Story of us. But instead of being exciting, reading the Bible can feel daunting and discouraging. Why? Well, the Bible is a collection of writings from different genres, written by dozens of authors, over the course of hundreds of years, to people who lived in a different time and spoke a different language than us. That makes it challenging. But that's also what makes the Bible so beautiful. Because through these ancient writings the Spirit of God speaks truth and life that draws us to Jesus and transforms us to be more like Jesus. In this series, we are going to give our students tools to help them read the Bible more wisely.

Week 1: Jesus Is King And Context Is Everything

Week 2: A Story About Jesus (Live Speak)

Week 3: What Does The Bible Say About ... (Live Speak)

Week 4: B.Y.O.Q. aka Bring Your Own Questions (Live Speak)