Week 27: Tent of Meeting²
Week 27: Tent of Meeting²
Week 27: Tent of Meeting talks about how you are a temple of the living God. The Bible story for this week is the story of Moses and the Tent of Meeting. The Bible verse of the week is Romans 15:19 NIRV "… He has given me the power of the Holy Spirit."

Materials Checklist:
- Message Video
- Teaching Segment
- Emcee Guide
- Small Group Leader Guide
- Activity Supplement
- Parent Conversation Card
- Social Media Graphics - Parent Questions (1-2), The Point, and The Verse

Getting started with Crosstown:
Crosstown is an easy to use, plug and play curriculum perfect for your pre-school aged rooms. If you are just getting started with Crosstown, visit our Crosstown Curriculum page for a How-to-Start Guide and other supporting resources. 

Thank you to Saddleback Church & Church on the Move for your collaboration on the Crosstown Curriculum.