Week 45: Naboth's Vineyard²
Week 45: Naboth's Vineyard²
Week 45: Naboth's Vineyard talks about how carrying too much with us can distract us from the mission God's given us. The Bible story for this week comes from the story of Naboth's vineyard. The Bible verse of the week is John 3:16 NIRV “God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son. …”

Materials Checklist: 
-Message Video
-Teaching Segment
-Emcee Guide
-Small Group Leader Guide
-Activity Supplement
-Parent Conversation Card
-Social Media Graphics - Parent Questions, The Point, and The Verse

Getting started with Crosstown:
Crosstown is an easy to use, plug and play curriculum perfect for your pre-school aged rooms. If you are just getting started with Crosstown, visit our Crosstown Curriculum page for a How-to-Use Guide and other supporting resources. 

Pre-Experience Music: Journey of a Lifetime (Kids on the Move), Undefeated (eKidz), Already Won (eKidz), Echo (eKidz), I Am Yours (Kids on the Move), Standing (eKidz), He Has Won (eKidz), That’s Why (Kids on the Move), I Believe (Kids on the Move).

Thank you to Saddleback Church & Church on the Move for your collaboration on the Crosstown Curriculum.