What Following Jesus Is Really Like - Switch
What Following Jesus Is Really Like - Switch

Have you ever wondered if the way we’re doing this whole Jesus thing is actually the way He intended? What if we’ve gotten some things wrong along the way? What if some of what we’ve thought was good and true and helpful, actually wasn’t? That’s what this series is all about, bringing us back to center. Reminding us what Christianity is really about and what following Jesus is really like. Spoiler Alert: It’s not about you. It’s a lot harder than you think. And it’s so much better than you imagine. 

Throughout this series, we will be contrasting the so-called “wisdom” of our modern world with the words of Jesus. We will discover together that much of what we call “good advice” goes against Jesus’ good news. With Jesus as our guide and His words as our map, we will learn what faithfully following Him really looks like, and how we can share His message of hope and forgiveness with the world.

Week 1: It's Not About You (Deny Yourself)

Week 2: It's Harder Than You Think (Live Speak)

Week 3: It's Better Than You Imagine

Week 4: What Is Following Jesus Really Like? (Recorded For Switch Online Only)

Note: The Week 4 message was originally recorded for Switch Online. Students can watch the service from their homes or meet together to watch it in groups. Switch Guides are not available for Switch Online messages.