The Top Dots: Core Values
The Top Dots: Core Values
Partner: ITOWN Church
In this four-week series, preschoolers ages two to five will learn all about four essential core values to living a Godly life. They will unpack what it means to love God, love people, do their best, and have fun doing it. This series will bring a new and exciting twist to the values that God has called us to keep close to our hearts. With help from the amazing world of sports, kids are sure to have a blast learning all about what’s most important in life. So get your game faces on, and get ready to learn about the core values! 
Each week the kids will go over a different heart of the matter centered around the core values:
Part 1: I Love God because He Loved Me First (18:00)
Part 2: I Love People because God Loves All People (17:11)
Part 3: I will Do Your Best and God will Do the Rest (15:34)
Part 4: I Have Fun because God Gives Me Joy

Verse: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, all your