Christianity: Deconstructed - Switch
Christianity: Deconstructed - Switch

In this series, we are going to deconstruct the bad ideas that people have picked up when it comes to faith, following Jesus, and eternity. The Gospel has always been good news, but sadly, we can cut and paste it to the point that we end up with a faith that’s flimsy. To rediscover the foundation of our faith, we are going to look at the Apostles’ Creed—a statement of belief put together by some of the earliest followers of Jesus before the Bible was fully assembled. In the process, we will find the materials to construct a faith that lasts.

Week 1: I Believe in God… | Stage Message w/ Small Group Convos or Reflection Time 

Week 2: I Believe in Jesus… | YP Live Speak 

Week 3: I Believe in the Holy Spirit… | Recorded For Switch Online Only 

Note: The Week 3 message was originally recorded for Switch Online. Students can watch the service from their homes or meet together to watch it in groups. Switch Guides are not available for Switch Online messages. 

Week 4: I Believe in Life Eternal… | Chat Room Video with YP Set-up and Close