Elementary Curriculum

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Konnect HQ Elementary Curriculum

Help kids connect with each other, your church, and—most importantly—with God.

Two-Year Plan

Over 24 months, Konnect HQ teaches your elementary kids the truths of who Jesus created them to be and helps them find a place to have fun and belong. A third year of the package is scheduled to be added in 2024.

Easy and Flexible

Konnect HQ is easy to use, requires minimal equipment, and scales to the length of your services, the size of your class, and the age of your students.

Completely Free

Konnect HQ will always be 100% free so you can spend more time, money, and energy focusing on what matters: the families God has called you to reach.

What's Included

Konnect HQ includes 24 months of everything you need to teach Bible-based lessons to your elementary age kids, with each one focusing on an easy to remember main point.

What's Included

Konnect HQ includes 12 months of everything you need to teach Bible-based lessons to your elementary age kids, with each one focusing on an easy-to-remember main point.



Plug-and-Play Video Lessons

Action-packed live action stories

Weekly Bible Verses

Worship Songs

Small Group Activities

Emcee and Leader Guides/Scripts

Parent Conversation Cards

Social Media Graphics

Answering Your KidMin Questions

Feel prepped from day one with a full 10-part training package for implementing Konnect HQ in your church. Get answers to common questions like these and more in the complete Konnect HQ training package here.

Scope & Sequence

Konnect HQ will lead your students through a full year of biblical teaching. With anchor episodes at Easter and Christmas, you can customize the order of the other lessons to begin at any point in the year. View the recommended calendar and find information about each lesson in the scope and sequence.

In every episode...

Worship Videos

Bible Teaching

Small Group Activities

The Point


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