Make the Switch: Discipleship - Switch

What would a modern-day disciple of Jesus look like? How would they act, live, and interact with others? In Make the Switch: Discipleship, we’ll look at the concept of going all in, phone apps, and finding the momentum that helps us understand what it really means to be a disciple. You won’t want to miss this series—it may just change the way you live your life.

This series will have small group time throughout the video. Here’s how it’ll work.

Each week, instead of having students come in and sit in rows, they’ll sit in circles with their small groups. Again, it’s important that students are in small groups from the very beginning—and stay in their groups—until the end of the experience.

There will be short video segments that play with small group discussion time intertwined throughout. After each small group discussion time is up, there will then be an audio/video transition (1-minute countdown) to alert small group leaders to the next video segment.

Students will love the YouVersion Bible Plan that goes along with this series. It’s called How to Follow Jesus.