Fear - Switch

Sometimes where our fear begins, our faith ends. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this Switch series, we’re learning to battle our fears with faith. Whether we’re afraid of the future, scared to fail, or worried about conflict, we’ll learn to build our faith so we can beat our fear.  

In week one, we’ll interview a celebrity about what having faith in real life looks like. We’ll get some practical tips about how to be like Jesus. After the message, you’ll have extra small group time with your students this week. During the extra time, there’s three options for bonus activities you can do with your students. Each of these activities will challenge your students to spend more intentional time with God over the next week, so be sure to follow up with them.

In week two, Life.Church originally included a message called Trending Truth—due to copyright restrictions, that message is not available on Open Network. You can choose a "best of Switch" episode to run for that week. 

In week three, we’re teaching students to stop fearing conflict and to start dealing with it in healthy ways. Many times, we’re tempted to run from conflict or rant about it in the wrong places, so we’re challenging students to go to the right person and resolve it in the right ways. Challenge your students to complete the YouVersion Bible Plan that goes along with this week’s message, Getting It Right With Others. It’s a great next step for them as they learn to face conflict in a way that honors God.

The last week is all about beating our fears by remembering our Father. God did not give us a spirit of fear, so we’re learning why we fear and how to overcome it. This week is a great opportunity to help your Switch students be vulnerable about what they’re afraid of, and you play a critical role in helping students find ways to fight those fears. We’ll learn how to battle our fears with God’s Word, so challenge your students to find a verse that helps calm their fears and put it somewhere they’ll see it every week. Be sure to follow up with them about that verse next week.