I Want to Believe, But...

It can be difficult to believe in a God we cannot see. We wonder why God didn’t answer our prayers, why God allows suffering, or why we can’t feel His presence. God may not meet all your expectations—but that’s good news! Find out why in a new series: I Want to Believe, But....

In this four week series, we'll discuss four different versions of “God” which don’t exist—they’re fabrications people often want to believe about the nature of God. But when we start to put God in a box, we create our own ideas about Him and what He’s supposed to do for us. Topics include: 

·       On-Demand God – I pray and pray but God doesn’t give me what I ask for and how I ask for it.

·       Killjoy God – I don’t want to be held down by religion. I’d rather have fun and happiness in my life.

·       Goosebumps God – God should make me feel a certain way, and I just don’t feel Him move the way He does for other people.

·       Heartless God – There are so many tragedies in the world, and I can’t believe a loving God would allow them to happen.

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