1st Day of the Rest of Your Life - Switch

If this were the first day of the rest of your life, what would you do? What would you change? What would you pursue? What would you accomplish? This isn’t about a New Year’s resolution, it’s about a New You revolution. What will you do with the First Day of the Rest of Your Life?

It’s a new year, and this New Year's series is all about "new." We’re challenging students to think about what they really want to be about this next year.

Find all the videos and materials you need to do this series in your own youth ministry below.

In the first week, we’ll encourage them to change something they know needs to be changed and to start doing something new they know they need to be doing. 

The second week will focus on thoughts. We’ll help students identify thoughts they need to change and show them how to swap out those old thoughts with new thoughts. When you think godly thoughts, you begin to live a godly life.

In the third week, we want to get students to do something new. We want them to step in and actually do whatever it is that God is calling them to.

This series is a vlog style format. What that means is videos will look less polished and professional and will have more raw footage and rough cuts. The reason we went with this format is because we want it to depict everyday life—and we know students are consuming vlogs regularly on YouTube. 

The YouVersion Bible Plan associated with this series is called Act Up. Make sure to promote that to students.


The small group questions for this series are formatted differently than in some of our other series. There are not Switch Groups and Talk It Over groups—nor or are the questions numbered. Instead, there are multiple categories that are in order. Within each category, there are multiple questions ranging in style and depth. The small group leader will go through each category and select one or two questions from the category that best suits their small group.

This format is an attempt to best lead small groups where they are in their dynamic, maturity, spiritual maturity, and length of time together. Make sure your small group leaders are aware of this change as it will require them to prep for their small group time. They’ll need to go through and select the questions they feel will be best for their group.