Two Nights Only - Switch

We all have doubts—doubts about circumstances, weather, work, friends, celebrities, family, etc. But all those doubts tend to pale in comparison to the doubts we have about ourselves. If we could break through those doubts and recognize who we are in Christ, we would live intentional, purposeful, and directional lives. And that’s exactly how God intended us to live.

The first week, we’ll talk about how students don’t need to put on a face and blend in with the crowd. God created them to be unique because He has a greater plan for them. 

In the second week, we’ll show them that God has given them everything they need to follow Him. It’s not necessarily about what we have; it’s about how we give what we have to God.

The final week is the end of the Switch semester on the Life.Church schedule, and we want students to leave knowing we believe in them. Regardless of their home life or their friends, we want Switch to be a place where hope and encouragement is spoken into every student. Summer can be a turning point for students, so we want them to know they are supported through the transition.  

This narrative series is fun with some serious moments. The main character will be relatable for every student, even if they don’t find themselves in his exact story. These episodes will build on each other, so as you promote the series, be sure to instill excitement about seeing what happens every single week. 

The YouVersion Bible Plan associated with this series is called Potential. 

You'll find all the videos, guides, and files below.