Legendary Character - Loop Show
Legendary Character - Loop Show

Heart Behind the Series

We want students to learn that God is calling them to something deeper, more meaningful, and much more freeing than being a “good person.” He’s calling us to live a life of godly character, no matter where we are or who we’re with. Students will grasp the differences between being good and being godly. Students will understand that their character is about who they always are—and that includes their real-life persona as well as who they are online. 


Series Description

Ready to dive in? You’d better be because in week one of Legendary Character, we’ll help students break down the differences between being a good person vs. being a godly person. If students want to have legendary character, it will have to go beyond what they’re even capable of. They’ll have to learn how to rely on the work of the Holy Spirit producing His fruit in their lives. Not to underscore this too much, but it’s gonna be legendary!

For week two, we’ll learn about what it means to have integrity. Too plain? Okay—we’ll learn how to have epic integrity! Integrity means living the same kind of life in front of others as you do behind closed doors. It’s about being honest, dependable, trustworthy, and sticking to your values even when it’s hard. And where do people sometimes forget to live with integrity because they think no one will know? That’s right: online. We’ll help students see that it’s important to live with legendary character (godly character) even when they’re online! 

In week three, we’ll wrap up our Legendary Character series by learning what it means to have mega discipline! (You didn’t think we’d call it basic discipline, did you?)   

Leader Resources 

• The Bible Plan for the Legendary Character series is called: Switch: Godly Character
• Check out The Loop Show on YouTube—you don’t ever need to miss a week!