The Truth About Me - Konnect HQ
Have you ever felt invisible and ignored, or wanted to be famous? When someone says something bad about you, do you hear it in your head later, even if the person is gone? Do you think bad things about yourself sometimes?

Well, guess what? You aren’t the only one. Everyone else has been through all that, too.

Here’s the good news. The way you feel about yourself and the things people say about you aren’t what make you, you. They just aren’t always true. What God says about you is what really matters. And God says you are a well-known, loved, chosen, masterpiece. He has amazing things planned for you to do! That’s the truth!

Kids’ worship songs Who I Wanna Be, I Am Yours, and My Life His Story made available by Church on the Move’s children’s ministry, Kids on the Move.

Kids’ worship songs For Your Glory, Already Won, and One in a Million made available by Elevation Church’s children’s ministry, eKidz.

Kids’ worship song He Rose and Children of the Light made available by the River Valley Network children’s ministry, Go Kids.

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