Diversity - Konnect HQ, Unit 2
Diversity - Konnect HQ, Unit 2

This unit, unit 2 of Konnect HQ is part of a larger 2-year curriculum. To view the entire curriculum package, go to the Konnect HQ page!

God doesn’t play favorites. Everyone who chooses to follow Jesus is an important part of God’s family, the Church.

Every single part of the human body works together to keep the body working and healthy. The body of Jesus is the same way. It is made up of all different kinds of people. Each person has a special way to serve God and others that will keep the body healthy and sharing the love of Jesus with the whole world. We can appreciate the unique ideas, talents, abilities, struggles, and experiences each of our brothers and sisters have. When we come together, listen to each other, and respect each other, we can remember what is the same for all of us: Jesus loves us, we love Him, and He helps us love each other so we can share Jesus’ love with the world.

Kids’ worship songs Standing and Your Love Is are made available by eKids from Elevation Church. Kids’ worship songs Jesus What a Friend Remix, Loved, and Shine a Light Remix are made available by Kids on the Move from Church on the Move. 

Pre-Experience Music: Higher and Higher (Life.Church), I Live By Faith (Kids on the Move), Heartbeat (Life.Church), For Your Glory (eKidz), Like A Fire (Life.Church), Who You Are (Kids on the Move), Obsession (Life.Church Worship), Light Up The Darkness (Life.Church), Hey Me (eKidz), Undefeated (eKidz), Symphony (Life.Church)

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