Wise Choices - Switch

How do we get from here to there? It’s a question we’re all asking and looking for an answer to. Over these four weeks, we will be exploring what it takes to get from where we are today to where we want to be in the future. On this journey, we will discover together that the life we want tomorrow is built on the choices we make today. And wisdom is what we need to make those good choices.

In week one, we’re addressing the reality that the number one goal of most teenagers today is to become famous. They are looking for clout. That is the “there” so many of them want to reach. We are going to help students discover that clout isn’t a bad thing, but on its own, it can be dangerous. What they need is wisdom, because wisdom enables us to use our clout for the good of others. When we do, we’ll find the significance so many of us are looking for.

During week two, we’re going to dispel the myth that experience is the best teacher. Everyone has experiences, but not everyone learns from them! Without wisdom, experience is painful. When we add wisdom to the equation though, experience becomes a great teacher.

Week three, we’re looking at the relationship between knowledge and wisdom. We live in a world where people have more access to knowledge than ever before, and at the same time, people are less happy and less fulfilled than ever before. While knowledge is a good thing, we can’t stop there. We need wisdom. Knowledge is knowing better, but wisdom is living better. We are going to help students see the Bible as one of the best places to find the wisdom they need.

Finally, we wrap up week four with a message designed to show students that the small decisions they make every day are what makes the difference. The life we want tomorrow is built on the choices we make today. We’ll challenge our students to make the most of every moment because every moment is a defining moment.