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Questions for God - Switch Online

Have you ever had questions for God that made you question God Himself? Like, what about science—hasn’t it disproved the Bible? If God is good, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? Or even ... aren’t Christians just a bunch of judgmental hypocrites? If you have wondered about any of these things, you’re not alone. All of us—yes, all of us—have wrestled with doubts at one point or another on our faith journeys. In this series, we will discover how to process our doubts and explore answers to some of the biggest questions for God.

Week 1: Do My Doubts Disqualify Me? 

Week 2: Doesn’t Science Disprove the Bible? 

Week 3: How Does God Respond to Suffering? 

Week 4: Have We Lost Our Way? 

In week one, we are walking our students through the phases of the spiritual journey—construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction. We encourage them to examine their beliefs and not be afraid to wrestle with their questions, because doubts don’t disqualify us. We can choose to keep following Jesus despite the doubts we may have. 

Week two asks the questions: Hasn’t science disproved the Bible? And is it possible for science and Scripture to agree on anything? In this message, we help our students define science, the Bible, and faith wisely so that they can see how trusting God is not a leap into the dark, but rather, a leap into the light. 

During week three, we walk through God’s plan to deal with evil and suffering from Genesis all the way to judgement. What we realize is that God’s response to these problems is so much better than an easy answer or an empty promise—His response is the person of Jesus who came and suffered with us and, ultimately, suffered for us. 

For week four, we remind our students that believing in God doesn’t make you a Christian—following Jesus does. But so often we, as Christians, lose our way. How do we find it again? We start by loving others the same way Jesus has loved us because anyone who claims to be in Christ, is called to live as He lived.